Start a Subspace开局一个亚空间

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278 Chapters · 6 Readers
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Author:Zui Zhong Yong Heng

Novel Summary

These are desperate times. The universe is broken, the sun disappears, the earth is at stake, and the remaining human beings are fighting frantically for a small number of survival places. “They fled! They fled with all the resources!” “We… have no hope.” “Goodbye, world!” … Just when the order was about to collapse, someone suddenly opened the door to the subspace: “Everyone, hope has not disappeared, our journey should be the sea of ​​stars!”


TitleStart a Subspace
Raw Title开局一个亚空间
Addition DateMay 29, 2022
AuthorZui Zhong Yong Heng
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Monthly Rank#1980
All Time Rank#2565
TagsMale Protagonist,Outer Space,Transmigration