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178 Chapters · 33 Readers
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Wang Ye traveled to the world of beasts and signed a pet contract with an ordinary little green sparrow, but he awakened the talent of a pet simulator. The final evolution pet can be set for simulation. [0 years old, Xiao Qingque was born, trained to fly on the cliff, and fell down the cliff when he encountered a strong current, and was heavily scarred. 】 [At the age of 1, after unremitting efforts, Xiao Qingque learned to fly simply. 】 [At the age of 2, Xiao Qing Que saw a mysterious bird and beast dancing in the air, and she realized something. 】 [At the age of 5, the little bluebird became more proficient in flying and comprehended the skill: the dance of the sky. 】 [At the age of 5 and a half, Xiao Qingque felt that she was very brave and wanted to learn to swim, so she rushed into the secluded spring under the cliff and drowned. Get the trait achievement: Unstoppable. 】 After the simulation, you can obtain one of skill proficiency, genetic characteristics, and growth process. After a certain number of simulations, there is a chance to evolve into the final set of pets! So, Wang Ye glanced at the little green sparrow beside him who was pecking rice, and without saying a word, set the final evolution pet beast: Divine Phoenix Heavenly Beast! Little Green Sparrow: "???"


  • Pet Simulator
  • 宠兽模拟器
Addition DateMay 30, 2022
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