I Have Five Senior Brothers


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538 Chapters · 42 Readers
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“Gu Qingqing’s heart softened for a moment and she saved someone. Who would have thought that because of this, she would become the disciple of the Holy Fox Spirit Lord, whom countless people wanted to acknowledge as their master. She even gained five senior brothers and started the path of becoming spoiled by the group. The big brother was born with a sword body, with only a sword in his heart, cold as snow on a mountain, but he smiled at her, refined various vestments for her, and protected her behind him. The second brother is proficient in rhythm, and looks gentle, but in reality he is cold. The melodies are only to kill the enemy, but they play for her all night, hoping that she can get a good night’s sleep. The three-elder brother formation master, the swinger, is romantic but not inferior, and never cares about women, but is willing to enter the ten-day Zhuxian formation just to save her. The fourth brother is a genius medicine repairer. He only practiced medicine pills, but he was willing to delve into sugar pills for her, just to make her happy. The fifth senior brother Fu Xiu, a arrogant man, would rather die, but he was willing to lower his head for her and step on his dignity under his feet, just to keep her from getting hurt. Male lead: What about me? Brothers: Go away, the younger sister is ours! [This article is double strong and double C, the male and female masters love each other]


  • I Have Five Senior Brothers
  • 我有五个大佬师兄
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