The Dragon Princess Who Traveled Through Another World


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257 Chapters · 4 Readers
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[The new book “I was forced to become a princess after time travel” seeks collection and investment, the new book has already been listed on the Qingyun list, old readers are welcome to join in] Jiang Mianmian crossed over, Arrived in a different world full of giant dragons, became a nobleman disguised as a man, accepted the entrustment of the territory, and began to become a noble lord in a different world to make a fortune and start a petty bourgeois life. Until one day, drinking water stuck between her teeth, two giant dragons rolled all the way, no, fought, and hit her door. After a big move, the main city she worked so hard to upgrade and build was knocked back to its original form, and as compensation… She only picked up a dragon egg? ! Ma Dan! You shitty dragon, are you demolishing the house? ! After dismantling, lay eggs! Just like this, farming, hatching eggs and pulling the dragon cub until one day the dragon cub grows into a big black gold dragon. How does this dragon look so similar to the one that demolished her house back then? !


  • The Dragon Princess Who Traveled Through Another World
  • 穿越异世之巨龙太子妃
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