Start Binding: High-quality Male God System开局绑定:高品质男神系统

468 Chapters
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468 Chapters · 11 Readers
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Author:Han Cheng Ai Bei

Novel Summary

Mediocrity is the normal state of most people, and some of them can’t even reach the normal state~ A young man from a small town, ugly and inferior, disliked by relatives and friends, mediocre grades… All these changes started with a beam of light going to the university train, and the boy was bound to the high-quality male god system. The days are getting more and more hopeful, and the system is really fragrant: As long as you learn, you can modify your own bugs; As long as you do good deeds, you can get corresponding banknote rewards; As long as you are praised, you can get relevant talent blessings; … This, it’s hard not to love, okay!


TitleStart Binding: High-quality Male God System
Raw Title开局绑定:高品质男神系统
Addition DateJanuary 31, 2023
AuthorHan Cheng Ai Bei
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TagsApartment Life,Emotionally Weak Protagonist,Inferiority Complex,Ugly Protagonist