I Can Pause Time


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1457 Chapters · 22 Readers
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Lei Yi has traveled, and has traveled to the world 300 years later. In this era, there are warriors who fly to the sky and escape the ground, bloodthirsty and brutal beasts, and abilities of various abilities. The book “The Self-cultivation of the Supernatural Person” states: D-level abilities have little help in combat, collectively referred to as soy sauce abilities. The C-level combat power has a slight increase, but it cannot control the battle. B-level combat power has a double bonus, and the same level can easily win. A-level combat power has an increase of dozens of times, which can easily crush opponents of the same level. S level = invincible! Lei Yi: My supernatural ability is the time-out period. Isn’t that terrible? I feel so boring, saying that the side effects are particularly big after using up. Can I change it? This book is also called “The Lord of Time” PS: In the book, you will see many JOJO stalks, because the author is a loyal JOJO fan, and the most favorite is the golden spirit passed down by the Joe family from generation to generation!


  • I Can Pause Time
  • 我能暂停时间
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