I Have a City in a Different World


5875 Chapters
148 Readers
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5875 Chapters · 148 Readers
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Author:Han Mu Bai

Novel Summary

Unlimited opening, unlimited power! The mutated mobile phone has a magical app download! All kinds of buildings, can rise to the sky, can sneak into the sea, can be hidden… hidden secrets of the big! Tang Zhen’s ability to build a city is… Building a city, playing with explosives, crushing the ground and grabbing the ground. Tang Zhenduan sits on the top of the mountain, and at his feet is an endless floating city, guarded by dragons, surrounded by angels, and countless giant guns stand in the sky! In the depths of the ocean a million miles ahead, it is another big 6-level building that is waiting for his conquest!


TitleI Have a City in a Different World
Raw Title我在异界有座城
Addition DateJune 9, 2022
AuthorHan Mu Bai
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Monthly Rank#478
All Time Rank#97
TagsAliens,Army Building,Fantasy Creatures,Fantasy World,Gate to Another World,Interdimensional Travel,Kingdom Building,Magic,Male Protagonist,Monsters,Parallel Worlds,Poor to Rich,System,Time Travel,Weak to Strong,World Hopping,World Travel