Douluo: Star Officials Challenge, Everyone is Better Than Tang San


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635 Chapters · 14 Readers
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Author:90Hou De Mo Yu Gao Shou

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Tags: Douluo Continent, Crossing, System Stream, Invincible Stream, Relaxed, Funny, Goddess Lin Feng travels across the Douluo Continent, playing the role of “star official” at the beginning. As long as you stay here for ten years, you will be able to obtain the ultimate power in this world of Douluo. He randomly distributes three lucky star feathers every day, starts the starlight challenge for the lucky ones, and distributes rewards. Hu Liena: “Senior, I have received lucky star feathers many times in a row. I shouldn’t misunderstand that senior is interested in me. Please forgive me, senior!” Bibi Dong: “Senior, I blamed me for missing the chance to accept the star official’s challenge for the first time, please give me another lucky star feather!” Tang San: “Senior, I have obtained so many lucky star feathers before, but I was not able to accept the challenge from the star official. I accepted the challenge this time, but I failed to get a good reward. Can you give me another chance!” Lin Feng: “I have said many times that the lucky star feathers are distributed randomly every day. The star feathers will automatically disappear at midnight on that day, and there will be no waiting when it expires!” In this way, Lin Feng became the hottest figure in the entire Douluo Continent, because the original story line gradually shifted due to his appearance…


TitleDouluo: Star Officials Challenge, Everyone is Better Than Tang San
Raw Title斗罗:星官挑战,人人都比唐三强(1-213)
Addition DateFebruary 12, 2023
Author90Hou De Mo Yu Gao Shou
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TagsMale Protagonist,Transmigration,Douluo Dalu