Reincarnation For All: One-click Tracking, One-click Full Level全民转生:一键追踪、一键满级(1-2304)

777 Chapters
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777 Chapters · 16 Readers
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Author:Tian Bang Xin Shu Shang Yi Shang

Novel Summary

Xuan travels to another world, and everyone can be reincarnated into another world once for free on the day they turn eighteen, until the end of life. After each reincarnation, you will be evaluated by the True Spirit Pagoda and get the True Spirit value. The true soul points can be exchanged for the income of the reincarnation world, such as: exercises, medicines, weapons, etc. And Yang Xuan, carrying the one-click tracking and one-click full-level system, started a crazy journey of reincarnation. … Initial world: normal world One-click tracking: Find the national martial arts boxing method, Bajiquan. One-click full level: Bajiquan, full level! Break through the void and see God is not bad! … The second reincarnation: the world of low martial arts One-click Tracking: Nine Suns Magic One-click full level: I Ching washes marrow, all diseases are invulnerable, diamond is not bad, life is endless, good fortune is pure yang Pure Yang physical body, great master of good fortune. … When others are still trying to reincarnate into the ordinary urban world,…


TitleReincarnation For All: One-click Tracking, One-click Full Level
Raw Title全民转生:一键追踪、一键满级(1-2304)
Addition DateFebruary 15, 2023
AuthorTian Bang Xin Shu Shang Yi Shang
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TagsCheats,Male Protagonist,Special Abilities