Mythical Version of the Three Kingdoms神话版三国

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Author:Zuo Zhe:Fen Tu Huang Cao

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Chen Xi looked at the pawns who had left a huge stone of hundreds of kilograms, and looked at the sky silently. Is this really the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty? Lu Bu single-handedly penetrated 10,000 troops, this is unscientific. Zhao Zilong is really possessed by the soul of the dragon, and his sword is broken. Is this really a human? Dian Wei singled out Cao Cao to kill the enemy camp, and slaughtered thousands of steps on the opposite side. This fighting power burst into the table! Isn’t this something wrong? Chen Xi touched a goose feather fan and waved it. He sighed heavily, “This is a myth, I’m not normal anymore.” ps: Actually this is a serious farming …


TitleMythical Version of the Three Kingdoms
Raw Title神话版三国
Addition DateFebruary 18, 2023
AuthorZuo Zhe:Fen Tu Huang Cao
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