Barracks of Rebirth


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710 Chapters · 13 Readers
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Author:Jiang Xiao Qun

Novel Summary

An unexpected accident brought her, who was originally a leftover girl, back to junior high school, rediscovered her younger self, and began to sway a different and exciting youth. At an indifferent age, life should be colorful, but she is concerned with camouflage, and her dream is in the military camp. When she finally picks up her former dream, puts on the yearning military uniform, and greets her with growth, confusion, friendship and love. ……………………………………Xiaoqun’s other two books “The Second Generation of the Rebirth Army” have been completed. “The Temptation of a Thousand Gold” is being updated, and it is not under the author’s name. Friends who like to read it can directly search for the title of the book!


TitleBarracks of Rebirth
Raw Title重生之军营
Addition DateMarch 2, 2023
AuthorJiang Xiao Qun
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TagsArmy,Beautiful Female Lead,Businessmen,Childhood Friends,Complex Family Relationships,Couple Growth,Devoted Love Interests,Female Protagonist,Friendship,Gunfighters,Handsome Male Lead,Love Interest Falls in Love First,Mercenaries,Military,Strategic Battles,Strong to Stronger,Torture,Weak to Strong,Wealthy Characters