Dimensional Eroders


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1562 Chapters · 35 Readers
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Author:Can Ku Ce Zhi Tian Shi

Novel Summary

A long time ago, the decayed main god space collapsed and disintegrated, and the wreckage was scattered in parallel universes, giving birth to a new space… Countless ‘story worlds’ under control have also fallen into the void, regained freedom, runaway out of control, elevated to reality, and turned into reality. At the same time, these “worlds” are polluted and corroded by the void, giving birth to greater fear and filth… … The space of birth feeds on the world. They compete with each other, their tentacles penetrate through dimensions, invade different time and space, search for the legacy of the main god, drive the apostles to be minions, greedily tearing, seizing, devouring, and reclaiming one world after another, so that they can return to greatness. … The innocent eating melon and white waves with the legacy of the Lord God accidentally got involved in the parallel universe “Paradise of Fire” during a cross-border call. After forcibly binding the demi-human blood, he became an excellent tool man who can repeatedly die, starting the legendary ‘dimension invasion career’.


TitleDimensional Eroders
Raw Title维度侵蚀者
Addition DateMarch 11, 2023
AuthorCan Ku Ce Zhi Tian Shi
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