Mage Joan法师乔安

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3135 Chapters · 1 Readers
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Author:Cheng Jian Xin

Novel Summary

The world of Vales in the 1620s is at the corner of a changing era. The magic steam engine blew the horn of the Industrial Revolution, the enlightenment thoughts were hitting the foundations of feudal imperial power, the empire of the Old World was thin, the colonies of the New World were ambitious, and the “swords and magic” had been established for 1,600 years. The old order is about to be replaced by a new order. This is the best era, and the worst era, this is the era of colonial teenager Joan Vida studying and living. “Everyone is born free, but the caster is more free.” This is a story about magic and a story about growth.


TitleMage Joan
Raw Title法师乔安
Addition DateMarch 17, 2023
AuthorCheng Jian Xin
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