Extreme VIP Recharge System


575 Chapters
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575 Chapters · 14 Readers
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Author:Zhou Shang

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Wake up to a great change in the world, there is only one country in the world, transcendence and technology coexist, dozens of wormholes are connected to the blue star, alien beasts, alien intelligent races invade… After solving the disaster on the Blue Star, Li Ran went to the outside world, only to find that the Blue Star was completely different from the outside world. The Blue Star contained the secrets of greatness… There is only one practice system in the outside world, one hundred years of foundation building, five hundred years of golden pill, thousand-year-old infant, five thousand years of birth, ten thousand years of transformation! And the cultivators with the lowest qualifications on the Blue Star are all building their foundation for a few months and a golden core for a few years! The realm of fairy gods is only a few decades… It wasn’t until Li Ran and Blue Star were completely integrated that he gradually unlocked its secret…


TitleExtreme VIP Recharge System
Raw Title至尊vip充值系统
Addition DateMarch 19, 2023
AuthorZhou Shang
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TagsArchery,Arranged Marriage,Male Protagonist,System