Parasitic Cultivation: Race Clearing System寄生修仙:种族清理系统

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545 Chapters · 10 Readers
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Author:Wu Gen La Tiao

Novel Summary

Bai Bing traveled to the world of immortality and found that all immortal cultivators were parasitized by parasites. The foundation building Dan, which consolidates the foundation of the road, is actually transformed by insect eggs; The dirt discharged by washing the marrow and cutting the bones is actually the excrement of parasites eating the body; The entire sect is a nest of insects; The immortals soared, actually making wedding dresses for the parasites. ———— [The race clearing system has been activated, and the swarm is being analyzed…] [Hint: The swarm is dangerous, hide yourself and clean it up] Bai Bing never imagined that his first mission when he came to Qingyunzong was to destroy the sect himself.


TitleParasitic Cultivation: Race Clearing System
Raw Title寄生修仙:种族清理系统
Addition DateMarch 22, 2023
AuthorWu Gen La Tiao
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TagsCultivation,Male Protagonist,System,Transmigration