This Japanese Story Is Not Too Cold


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535 Chapters · 5 Readers
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Author:He Feng Yu Yue

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There was a waiting mirror in front of Bai Fan. In the mirror, Bai Fan was laughing at himself. It’s weird– Because he didn’t laugh at all. Under Bai Fan’s gaze, the corner of his mouth in the mirror was grinning to the base of his neck. Even Bai Fan, who had always been calm, showed a touch of surprise. Seeing the other party opening his blood basin to his head, Bai Fan slowly raised the phone in his hand—— There was a click. He compared to a scissor hand and took a group photo.


TitleThis Japanese Story Is Not Too Cold
Raw Title这个日式物语不太冷
Addition DateMarch 26, 2023
AuthorHe Feng Yu Yue
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