My Hero Career is Seemingly Quite Difficult我的英雄生涯似乎很艰难

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624 Chapters · 10 Readers
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Author:Er Ying Chang

Novel Summary

Traversing into a world of superpowers called "personality" and awakening vector manipulation to become his own personality, Renault felt that even if he didn't want to be the strongest, he could live a stable life and be a hero or something. But gradually, he found that in this world, it seemed very difficult to live in peace. Especially, it is very difficult even before leaving school!


TitleMy Hero Career is Seemingly Quite Difficult
Raw Title我的英雄生涯似乎很艰难
Addition DateJuly 3, 2022
AuthorEr Ying Chang
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TagsBased on an Anime,Male Protagonist