Bishop of the Devil


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Author:Yuan Gu Lai De

Novel Summary

Back to 94, the opening big Ben Wallace and the answer to Iverson, Richard’s story starts here. Jordan: “I’d rather face the Bad Boys Legion another hundred times, and don’t want to meet Richard’s gangster bastards! No, they are not bastards, they are devils!” O’Neill: “Don’t presume Richard in my face. After I retired, I became a policeman. The first thing is to catch Richard’s gang!” Kobe: “Richard is a demon, his coaching staff is, the players under his hands are still, all demon! Demon! Demon!” Durant: “I will never play Richard… true fragrance…” You can rest assured that you have finished the “NBA Mall”, “Violent Husband” and so on…


TitleBishop of the Devil
Raw Title魔鬼主教
Addition DateApril 5, 2023
AuthorYuan Gu Lai De
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TagsMale Protagonist