The Steward Demonic Emperor


1315 Chapters
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1315 Chapters · 16 Readers
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Author:Ye Xiao

Novel Summary

Zhuo Yifan was the Demon Emperor. One day, he managed to lay his hands on an ancient emperor’s book, the Nine Serenities Secret Records. As the book was coveted by many, he was targeted by experts and was even betrayed by his student. After his passing, his soul took over another’s body. Brought back to life, in the body of a family servant named Zhuo Fan. Because of the regrets of the boy, which Zhuo Fan inherited, he was forced to serve the boy’s mistress. Just how can he lead this descending family to the pinnacle of this continent?!


TitleThe Steward Demonic Emperor
Raw Title魔皇大管家卓凡
Addition DateJuly 15, 2022
AuthorYe Xiao
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TagsAdapted to Manhua,Alchemy,Antihero Protagonist,Appearance Different from Actual Age,Arrogant Characters,Betrayal,Blood Manipulation,Clan Building,Clever Protagonist,Cultivation,Cunning Protagonist,Demonic Cultivation Technique,Dense Protagonist,Determined Protagonist,Fallen Nobility,Fast Cultivation,Harsh Training,Hiding True Abilities,Magic Beasts,Magic Formations,Male Protagonist,Mature Protagonist,Past Plays a Big Role,Previous Life Talent,Revenge,Ruthless Protagonist,Strength-based Social Hierarchy,Strong to Stronger,Transmigration,Underestimated Protagonist