Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka龙珠之绫叶传奇

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348 Chapters · 3 Readers
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Author:Yong Heng Chi Tian Shi

Novel Summary

The digital management system was reformed, and a loophole was accidentally found in the operation of Hell, which caused a young man to die inexplicably before his life was over. Because Hell’s Officer didn’t pay attention to the fantasy world, with uncanny skills Ayaka began to emerge step by step in the powerful world. However, what Hell didn’t expect was that the fantasy world and the real world in the end was actually the same way.


TitleDragon Ball Legend of Ayaka
Raw Title龙珠之绫叶传奇
Addition DateApril 27, 2023
AuthorYong Heng Chi Tian Shi
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TagsAge Progression,Cheats,Child Protagonist,Fanfiction,Fast Learner,Female Protagonist,Genius Protagonist,Gods,Humanoid Protagonist,Loli,Male to Female,Outer Space,Shoujo-Ai Subplot,Special Abilities,Strength-based Social Hierarchy,Transmigration,Weak to Strong,Wishes