Super Scan


1083 Chapters
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1083 Chapters · 21 Readers
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Author:Yi Long

Novel Summary

Xiang Tianze used his cell phone to scan the five blessings in the Fu Character Collection, but unexpectedly discovered that his cell phone could actually download the scanned items into reality. Looking at the successful download of the lucky character in his hand, Xiang Tianze couldn’t help but burst into tears… Although it is useless to download a broken lucky character, if the banknotes can also be downloaded, wouldn’t he become a billionaire every minute! When he saw the news that the famous movie star Yang Mi will be performing in the local business in the future, his heartbeat quickened! If… he scans Yang Mi with this phone, can he also download a lively beauty? Before he knew it, Xiang Tianze’s clothes were dripping with saliva…


TitleSuper Scan
Raw Title超级扫描
Addition DateMay 3, 2023
AuthorYi Long
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Monthly Rank#3404
All Time Rank#2396
TagsMale Protagonist,Naive Protagonist,Poor to Rich,Reverse Harem,Sudden Wealth,System