Immortality Cultivation Era


1827 Chapters
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1827 Chapters · 11 Readers
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Author:Zuo Zhe:Bu Lu Wu Sheng

Novel Summary

When Gao Ge is awake, he finds that he has returned to the earth before aura reappeared. The world will usher in an era of practitioners soon. Various schools of cultivation and families of ancient martial arts will spring up. As a man who is living a second life, Gao Ge will never let go of the chance to grasp the resources, cultivation methods and treasure places first. In this era, there are many geniuses and I, Gao Ge, shall be the king of them.


TitleImmortality Cultivation Era
Raw Title重启修仙纪元
Addition DateMay 9, 2023
AuthorZuo Zhe:Bu Lu Wu Sheng
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Monthly Rank#3273
All Time Rank#3090
TagsCultivation,Male Protagonist,Modern Day,Previous Life Talent