My Tamed Beasts Are a Little Strong


112 Chapters
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112 Chapters · 3 Readers
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Author:Jiu Chi Zui

Novel Summary

Constant ancient starry sky, thousands of universes and thousands of heavens, one starry river hangs for one day. This piece of imperial beast has spread all over the starry sky and a hundred schools of thought in the world. In the sea of stars, there is a “planet guest” imperial star beast walking between the planets. Plant beasts, walking beasts, tool beasts, elemental… When you get a system that can sign in at a designated or fixed place to get rewards. A teenager walked from the planet to the stars. This is a story that is invincible if you are not careful.


TitleMy Tamed Beasts Are a Little Strong
Raw Title我的御兽有点强
Addition DateMay 21, 2023
AuthorJiu Chi Zui
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Monthly Rank#5099
All Time Rank#5003
TagsAbsent Parents,Beast Companions,Beasts,Calm Protagonist,Familial Love,Magical Technology,Monster Tamer,Mysterious Family Background,Overpowered Protagonist,Pets,Technological Gap,Weak to Strong