Douluo: Go to the Full Level at the Start


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207 Chapters · 42 Readers
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Su Mutian was very distressed. Crossed to the Douluo Continent and became the young god of Seagod Island. The start was the fight between the Three Extreme Douluo, Bo Saixi blasted Qian Daoliu and Tang Chen, and Gou’s Su Mutian in the Seagod Temple gave directions without leaving home… At this point, the plot of the Douluo Continent began to skew. [As Tang San’s ancestor, if Tang Chen marries his wife… Tang Chen line deviates by 30%, and a random Martial Spirit Level 20 will be rewarded! 】 [Qiandao Liu… Wait! Qian Daoliu also can’t have a wife, so Qian Jixun will not be born even if he finds the evil barrier, and Bibi Dong will not be insulted…The spirit hall line deviates by 40%, and the random spirit will be rewarded at level 25! 】 [If Hu Ayin is cut, then Tang San…Tang Hao’s line deviates by 60%, and the Jiu Cai Divine Sword will be awarded 50 levels! 】 [If Xiao Wu’s mother is not dead, and Xiao Wu has not gone to Notting College, then… Xiao Wu’s line deviates by 80%, and any 90-level distribution right will be rewarded! 】 [If Tang San was killed when he was born… successfully obliterated the protagonist line, then…] Su Mutian’s expression gradually became more exciting. This world is still very exciting. [Fengshen, it starts from changing the plot of Douluo! 】 [The timeline of this book is relatively early, and the protagonist has his own development path. Disrupting Douluo’s worldview begins with this book! 】 [Fault Tang San for the future, save his life, and become a big boss from now on! 】


  • Douluo: Go to the Full Level at the Start
  • 斗罗之开局苟到满级
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