What Do I Do When All My Girls are Biomonsters?我家妹子全是生化怪物该怎么办?

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1126 Chapters · 4 Readers
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Author:Chao Hei An Dong Ba La

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When he woke up, Li Yexing, a working soldier, found himself in the world of "Resident Evil" and became a bloodless and tearless mercenary? ! I thought it was going to be a bloody day from now on, but I didn't expect to pick up a girl the first time I accepted a commission! I thought it was just an ordinary cute girl, but the body turned out to be a biochemical monster? ! ha? All biochemical monsters? ! Li Yexing: It's hard to bear...


TitleWhat Do I Do When All My Girls are Biomonsters?
Raw Title我家妹子全是生化怪物该怎么办?
AuthorChao Hei An Dong Ba La
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