The Legendary Mechanic in Marvel Universe


657 Chapters
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657 Chapters · 23 Readers
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Author:Liang Zi Meng Qia

Novel Summary

With the upper body of the super god mechanic system, he travels through the Marvel Universe and becomes the assistant of Dr. Zola. With the mechanical force analysis skills, you can learn all the black technologies in Marvel. The Winter Soldier's arm? I will make you a better one. Iron Man's armor? I made it 10 years ago. Dr. Octopus' tentacles? I will provide key technological breakthroughs. Hulk Mutation? Sorry, I was there and was also exposed to radiation. As for the purple potato bald guy, can he collect all the Infinity Stones? ... However, I have only one simple ultimate ideal, and that is to go home...


TitleThe Legendary Mechanic in Marvel Universe
Raw Title美漫里的超神机械师
Addition DateAugust 6, 2022
AuthorLiang Zi Meng Qia
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All Time Rank#155
TagsMale Protagonist,Transmigration