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1761 Chapters · 5 Readers
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Author:Tao Lang

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On a certain year, month and day, the Foreign Affairs Reception Hall of the Space-Time Administration. Fan Wubing stood stupidly at the window of the Exit-Entry Administration Department, waiting for the clerk to review his visa. “Reborn?” The clerk looked through the information and asked without raising his eyes. “Yeah.” Fan Wubing nodded. “Are there any advantages?” “What?” Fan Wuyi was puzzled. “For example, have you studied international business? Do you know computers? Can you hack technology? None? Are you a graduate student in the Department of History? Have you ever been a researcher in the chronicle of science and technology? Have you understood the trend of the world economy in the past 30 years? Business? You are such a waste! So what are you going to do?” The clerk was a little annoyed. “I have helped others to launder money before.” Fan Wuyao replied cautiously. “Is it easy to do?” The clerk is very interested. “Of course it’s not easy to do, and it is often pursued by Interpol! But the rate of return is very high!” “Then after you are reborn, will you repeat this kind of work with a very high risk factor?” “I won’t do anything to kill me, I’m going to let others launder money for me.” Fan Wuyao clenched his fists and replied very firmly. With a slap, the clerk stamped a big red stamp on Fan’s visa and passed the review.


Raw Title财色
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AuthorTao Lang
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