The Troubles of the Young Wizard少年巫师的烦恼

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1566 Chapters · 1 Readers
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Author:Shen Shan Hu Li

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Youngville: Mr. Devil, this goddess is worth studying. Greedy Devil: Flat body, not interested, one of the low-grade magic stones you owed last month has expired. As agreed, 13 returnees will be returned. Please repay one middle-grade magic stone and three low-grade magic stones. Youngville: Wait, Mr. Devil, wasn’t the magic stone used to buy the wizard book dedicated to you last time? Why do I owe it? Greedy Devil: Boy, the wizard’s handbook dedicated to me has been used to pay off the debt three months ago, and that magic stone can only be considered as borrowed by you. So, the boy Well, who had increased debts, became depressed again.


TitleThe Troubles of the Young Wizard
Raw Title少年巫师的烦恼
AuthorShen Shan Hu Li
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