Rebirth of 1985’s Best Doctor


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1968 Chapters · 24 Readers
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Author:Zi Yu Yi Yi

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Through the blood, Su Jinyue saw a familiar figure running towards her. With a sad smile, she only then realized that she had fallen in love with this man. If she could do it again, she will definitely choose to marry him. It’s a pity that there is no ‘if’ in life, and there is no restart… The blessings of fate brought her back to the beginning. Since God has given her another chance, she will never make the mistakes of her previous life again. In this life, she only wants him. As for the people who hurt her, she will never show mercy.


TitleRebirth of 1985’s Best Doctor
Raw Title重生八五最强医神
Addition DateAugust 14, 2022
AuthorZi Yu Yi Yi
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TagsAlchemy,Beast Companions,Business Management,Cultivation,Devoted Love Interests,Doting Love Interests,Doting Older Siblings,Doting Parents,Dreams,Early Romance,Female Protagonist,Medical Knowledge,Modern Day,Multiple Reincarnated Individuals,Revenge,Second Chance