Legendary Hero


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785 Chapters · 8 Readers
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He is not a born king. In fact, his origin is humbler than most people in this world, but he is a born lion-the legendary violet master Tifon Rodrini. Years ago, on the Kultik Islands, an unknown female textile worker got pregnant by accident and gave birth to a sickly baby boy. Many years later, the boy became the savior of this broken world-the historical recorder, the guardian of time, the golden dragon Klossi. “When the tide of destruction comes, how do you choose?” he asked. “Avoid the edge for now.” I replied. “What about your people?” he asked again. I am silent and sacrifice is inevitable. I can’t save all my people, but afterwards, I will definitely get revenge! “This is a wise man’s way, but there must be a stupid reef to stop the tide, even for a short while.” This is his choice. For many years, he has been playing that stupid reef, blocking the orcs, blocking the undead, blocking everything. What we see is always the back of his charge, this is the luck of this era. The final chapter of the memoir “The Lost and Glory of History” “Lion Heart King”-Archmage Jenna Rodrini This should be the story of a king.

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  • Legendary Hero
  • 传奇大英雄
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