Feature Shows Extravaganza


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1015 Chapters · 3 Readers
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Author:Fen Bi Bai

Novel Summary

In the beginning, Meng Lang wanted to be a great director. In order to save the family business, he filmed “Boys of Fire” which is “Buy Yo-Yo and Get TV Series”! I wanted to sell some yo-yos to make money and shoot masterpieces, but my father suddenly told him: “I’m smashing! Our toy factory is going to be launched!” At this time, he discovered that it turned out to be so profitable to shoot special photos in a world without piracy! Therefore, he filmed “Balala Little Demon”, “Armor Warrior”, “Bakugan Kid”, “Skyfire Legend”, “The Magical Egg”, “Ultraman” series, “Kamen Rider” series … He is the king of the special photo series and the favorite man of children! ——”Times Weekly” Film critic: “Meng Lang is a toy seller!”


TitleFeature Shows Extravaganza
Raw Title最佳特摄时代
Addition DateJune 18, 2023
AuthorFen Bi Bai
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TagsBusiness Management,Poor to Rich,Showbiz,Transmigration