The Domestic Hero


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1878 Chapters · 1 Readers
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Author:Ao Wu Chang

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Comrade Wang Yan: In 2015, the “Comprehensive Remediation of Disciplinary Superpowers in East China Areas”, “Fighting for a Hundred Days and Fighting for Glory”, “Send Widows of the Widows and Widows”, “Comprehensive Popularization of the Knowledge of Peaceful Coexistence of Shemales” and other special projects At work, he performed well and achieved outstanding results. Won the title of ‘advanced individual’, this letter was issued specifically to encourage it. -Mr. Wang Yan, East China Branch of the National African Affairs Bureau: In view of your efforts to fight against the “transnational superpower evil organization” and the maintenance of the “Demon International Bauhinia Alliance” and other events, you have played an active and important role in maintaining world peace. It fully demonstrates the superiority and necessity of the official superpower joint law enforcement system worldwide. The honorary title of “Top Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World” is conferred upon you. --The Federation of Official Superpower Organizations of the world’s major economies (the protagonist has a positive personality, helps others, and is full of positive energy. The characters are vivid and lively, the plot design is lively, and the twists and turns even the author of this article is shocked! Good book !)


TitleThe Domestic Hero
Raw Title国产英雄
Addition DateJuly 3, 2023
AuthorAo Wu Chang
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TagsBattle Academy,Discrimination,Handsome Male Lead,Male Protagonist,Modern Day,Nationalism,Racism