I’m Being Held Captive by Demons


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555 Chapters · 8 Readers
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Author:Qi Yue Jiu Xian

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The yamen has a decent job, kind parents, friendly colleagues, and a boss who takes care of me… For a long time, Kong Ning felt that the world was beautiful. Until the wedding night, the smiling lady gave birth to demon eggs one after another in his body… On the date of wedding, he came to know that his wife is a demon. immortal mountains collapsed and gods disappeared. In a world of endless darkness, demons have kept all living beings in captivity.


TitleI’m Being Held Captive by Demons
Raw Title我被妖魔圈养了
Addition DateJuly 5, 2023
AuthorQi Yue Jiu Xian
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TagsAbusive Characters,Accelerated Growth,Acting,Ancient Times,Arrogant Characters,Cheats,Cold Love Interests,Crafting,Demons,Male Protagonist,Marriage,Power Struggle,Transformation Ability,Transmigration