Avenue Gold List, Me! The Supreme Valkyrie Was Exposed


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284 Chapters · 14 Readers
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Zhao Wu traveled through the world of Qin Dynasty. He wanted to be a dandy, marry a few beautiful wives and concubines, and be happy and happy. Unexpectedly, the Dadao Jinbang turned out. Everyone who ranks in the gold list will be rewarded with great roads. For the first time, on the Excalibur List, the first place is the Shenlong Sword; the second place is the Peerless Sword… Ying Zheng: “What? My Tianwen didn’t make the top ten? The top ten holders are all the gods?” The second time, the legion list, the first place, the undead soldier, the second place, the invisible ghost soldier… Meng Tian: “How is it possible? My Golden Fire Cavalry is not in the top ten? There is no army in the top ten in the empire?” The third time, the stunning list, the first place, Yan Ling Ji, the second place, the Snow Girl, the third place… For the fourth time, the killer list, the first place, Yan Fei, the second place, the scared salamander, the third place… “My God, the top ten on the stunning list turned out to be the top ten on the killer list, do you kill with beauty?” With the announcement of the lists one by one, Zhao Wu’s identity as the god of war can no longer go on! And everyone was horrified to discover…


  • Avenue Gold List, Me! The Supreme Valkyrie Was Exposed
  • 大道金榜,我!至高武神被曝光了
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