Rebirth: Opening confession to my deskmate Xiaohanhan


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560 Chapters · 9 Readers
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Author:Bai Cai Bu Shi Wo

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[Campus, Daily, Single Heroine, Relaxation, Dog Food, Love] Xiaohanhan, who has been helping behind the successful start of the business, suffers from severe social phobia and cannot talk. Lin Xinyu regretted it at the beginning, why didn't he pay attention to the other party's emotions before? Fortunately, an accident gave him a chance to make up for his regrets. At this time, Hanhan's deskmate is only introverted, and can still speak. Then why hesitate? Take the initiative! "Bai Shihan, let me tell you something." "No... don't bully me, I, I have nothing to eat..." "Don't eat, from today onwards, you are my wife, do you understand?" Bai Shihan's eyes widened in disbelief. Do you want to be his wife if you don't give him food? woo woo woo... This is a big bad guy!


TitleRebirth: Opening confession to my deskmate Xiaohanhan
Raw Title重生:开局告白同桌小憨憨
Addition DateJuly 13, 2023
AuthorBai Cai Bu Shi Wo
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TagsMale Protagonist,Reincarnation,Time Travel