Weird Tips: I'm Crazy, Weird Is Crazier


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230 Chapters · 4 Readers
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[Hilarious] + [Easy] + [Cool] There has always been such a saying in the circle of the treacherous master. Don't mess with anyone. This guy is born to be a tightrope walker on the edge of life and death. Have you ever met a girl with a gap and kissed her straight away? The key point is that she is still soft in his arms. Have you ever seen someone who encountered a tricky situation of feeding paper in the toilet and simply stepped on the hand that came in from under the partition? Afterwards, not only did nothing happen, but I also liked to mention the three pieces of toilet paper presented by the other party. Human beings are trembling with trepidation. Everyone is still walking on thin ice to survive, this guy is basically here to accept younger brothers from the strange world! As soon as the fight started, it was a mess, and several old ladies rushed up, not to mention the colleagues who were scared to death, and the bosses on the opposite side were all surrounded. Liu Huaqiang probably would have been frozen in place if he was present.


  • Weird Tips: I'm Crazy, Weird Is Crazier
  • 诡异提示:我疯了,诡异更疯了
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