Alien Knights


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785 Chapters · 4 Readers
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Author:Ye Jin Chang

Novel Summary

Associate professor of life engineering, traveled to the different world of medieval Europe and used modern biochemical technology to discover that viruses, bacteria, and parasites that have long been extinct in human history are actually the source of alien abilities. He rescued and integrated the crowd called “alien” by the world, and established an alien knight order that swept across thousands of troops, setting off a revolutionary frenzy in the Middle Ages. “Master head, we found a man with Leishmania, who can release androstenone pheromones on his body. He asked for our asylum.” “Okay! Send him to recruit!” “Master head, there is a patient No. 0 carrying lymphatic mitochondrial Clural virus and wants to join the Knights. He said he can control the flames and frost.” “Okay! Send him to alchemy!” “Master head, we found this woman in the plague refugee camp. She said she can change her appearance and appearance.” “Okay! Send it to my camp!” Everyone:??br>  PS: Low Magic


TitleAlien Knights
Raw Title异种骑士团
Addition DateJuly 21, 2023
AuthorYe Jin Chang
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TagsAlchemy,Aristocracy,Clever Protagonist,Kingdom Building,Knights,Male Protagonist,Nobles,Secret Organizations