This is My Planet


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666 Chapters · 18 Readers
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Novel Summary

A generation of immortal emperor Xia Guixuan and his old enemy were both defeated and wounded, retreating in the core of the lonely planet in the universe. The planetary environment was gradually transformed by the faerie aura that spilled from him, and he became a livable planet with abundant aura. The original creature began to transform people into practice and developed its own civilization. A few years later, human expedition ships from the Milky Way came here. At all levels, unknown powerful beings began to take aim here. Multi-party collisions, heroes co-exist. Xia Guixuan in the core of the earth opened his eyes. —————— PS: This is a very casual and pleasant monster, with the theme of civilization observation. Please don’t use the way of opening the rebirth of the god of war to return to the immortal emperor. Don’t ask why you don’t kill people and search for souls, don’t know everything, don’t destroy the world, and don’t finish the chapter.


  • This is My Planet
  • 这是我的星球
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