Hell Chef: My ingredients are weird


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Strange recovery, the whole world is rampant with strange monsters, everyone is in danger. There is a snack bar in a deep alley in Liangcheng, but it is open every day. There is a small blackboard at the door of the store with a few lines written on it. 【Food provided today】 [Fried sticks: 5 points/one resentful soul] [Golden Egg Fried Rice: 100 Points/Evil One] ... 【Long-term acquisition】 [Wraith: 10 points] [Evil: 200 points] [Li Wei...] [Red clothes... [Our store member usage rules] [Member Half Price] ... A monk once ate porridge in the shop, later became an arhat, and exterminated countless strange monsters. A Taoist priest tasted a dish, then broke into the restricted area alone, and returned home with the ghost king's head. A Confucian scholar once drank three glasses of wine, and then protected the city for a hundred years with awe-inspiring righteousness, so that evil and sycophants would not invade. Those with swords... Legend has it that the owner of the shop is a kitchen god from hell. Every time he goes out to look for ingredients, ghosts and monsters always disappear out of thin air.


  • Hell Chef: My ingredients are weird
  • 地狱厨神:我的食材是诡异
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