Kakarot, the strongest Hokage in history!


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191 Chapters · 16 Readers
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"Sandaime, you are very old! It's time to abdicate!" In the sixty-second year since Konoha was established, the ninjas of Konoha Village and the villagers held the biggest celebration in history to celebrate the arrival of a new generation of Hokage in the village! Wearing the orange-red martial arts uniform with the word "turtle" in it, the boy with thick hair split upwards, is also the strongest "shadow" in history! A few years later, the God of Otsutsuki led many people to rule this land. However, before their idea of conquering the planet could be put into practice, they were stopped by a super human with blond hair, green eyes, and blazing golden flames all over his body. on the way. After the war, Otsutsuki, who survived by chance, was covered in blood, and it was hard to understand: "What did he say about Super Race?! Did we come to the wrong place?!"


  • Kakarot, the strongest Hokage in history!
  • 卡卡罗特,史上最强火影!
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