People in Marvel, start to marry the Scarlet Witch


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605 Chapters · 43 Readers
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Author:Gua Qian Chuan

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"Taoism, magic, ninjutsu, technology, etc., are essentially just the use of energy. Only when the sea is inclusive, can it be tolerant." Li Chuan burned the small universe in his body, activated the three-headed and six-armed Dharma Prime Minister Xu Zuo, and released countless fire dragons composed of fiery flames, and a light-speed Xixiang fist directly blasted Thanos. Zhu Tianwen, the protagonist's main world is a parallel timeline opened by Iron Man and others through time travel. The golden finger panel provides the ability to enter other small worlds to learn ninjutsu, magic, and Taoism. Small World: Hokage, Where are the Fantastic Beasts, Legend of Shushan, Saint Seiya... Single heroine, the heroine Wanda, got married at the beginning. (There are already 16 high-end high-quality books: Marvel's Hogwarts Wizards, please rest assured to watch.)


TitlePeople in Marvel, start to marry the Scarlet Witch
Raw Title人在漫威,开局迎娶绯红女巫
Addition DateAugust 2, 2023
AuthorGua Qian Chuan
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TagsHeroes,Male Protagonist,Persistent Love Interests,Transmigration,World Hopping,Marvel,Naruto