Hogwarts: I'm a model wizard


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714 Chapters · 82 Readers
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Author:Duan Wei Li Mao

Novel Summary

On a sunny afternoon, Kyle finally received the admission notice he had been longing for, and came to Hogwarts, a prestigious school with a thousand years of history. Here, Kyle has a very fulfilling life. Apart from studying every day, he also uses his spare time to grow a la carte, grow some flowers, or go to the dark underground secret room to give psychological counseling to a small animal that has been abandoned for thousands of years. . Dumbledore: Kyle is a good boy who is upright, brave, kind and sincere. Professor McGonagall: The principal is right, Kyle never breaks the school rules. Snape: Ah yes yes yes... Quirrell thought so too, but one day, he pushed open the trap door and jumped into a room full of biting kale...


TitleHogwarts: I'm a model wizard
Raw Title霍格沃茨:我真是模范巫师
Addition DateAugust 11, 2023
AuthorDuan Wei Li Mao
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TagsBlack Belly,Elemental Magic,Magic,Male Protagonist,Transmigration,Harry Potter