Full-time Summoner


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1763 Chapters · 19 Readers
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Author:aXiao Bai b

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When I wake up, it's time to wake up from a dream. There is a sacred mountain among the white clouds, and heaven stands on the top of the sacred mountain. In ancient times, the insect mother occupied the top of the heaven, and hundreds of millions of insect races were watching. Summon the plane, the elves of a thousand clans, the pure-blooded dragon clan, the monsters that destroy the country, the three kingdoms stand together, who will rule the ups and downs. The secret of the totem buried in the colorful Tianchi Lake in Jiuzhaigou, the colorful phoenix is about to reappear in the world. Chaka Salt Lake reflects the sky of another world, one sand is one world, one salt is one universe, the overlord of the other world is about to kill, and there are bursts of war drums beating in the lake. The mysterious insect-controlling family in Yaodu has mastered the ancient insect-controlling technique, whether to control insects or raise Gu is only a matter of thought. The dark king's soul exists in the world, and killing people is nothing but nods. The Amazon shaman Shi Yun spreads the rain, the Antarctic god emperor freezes the world, and Sahara discovers the mastermind behind the scenes. Is the world chaos a coincidence or premeditated? What role has the holy city always played? What is the contention of the world's universities?


TitleFull-time Summoner
Raw Title全职召唤法师
Addition DateAugust 14, 2023
AuthoraXiao Bai b
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TagsClever Protagonist,Magic,Male Protagonist,Pets,Summoning Magic,Transmigration