Showdown, my deck is from the East


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1144 Chapters · 19 Readers
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Author:Tian Ping Zuo Xi Hong Shi

Novel Summary

Cards are different worlds, fighting domains collide, and card masters are respected! Goblin Expansion Pack; Blood Race Expansion Pack; Dragon Expansion Pack...   And Lu Cheng, who traveled here, possessed a unique oriental myth card expansion pack! ......... XX: "The epic card [Anubis Gold Retriever] has been released, what else do you want to do if you don't kneel down and admit defeat?" Lu Cheng: "I want to tell you... a myth." XX: "Haha, how courageous! This deity likes to listen to the dead talking about myths the most. I will set up the stage for you and open the fourth-order duel domain [The Lost Golden City]! Is this stage big enough? Please start your performance!" Lu Cheng (shaking his head): "It's small, the layout is small..." "I order that the tenth-level duel domain [Heavenly Court] returns, the tenth-level duel domain [Youdu] unfolds, and the tenth-level duel domain [Shenzhou] descends!" "The strengthening of the fighting domain begins! I summon the Mythical Wonder Card [Yellow Spring], [Yaochi]... [Kunlun Mountain]!" "Three domains linkage, fighting domain synthesis! Super-level duel domain... [Three Realms Kyushu]!" "Hey, wait a minute...Brother, I haven't started storytelling yet, why are you running away with the Golden City on your shoulders!"


TitleShowdown, my deck is from the East
Raw Title摊牌了,我的卡组来自东方
Addition DateAugust 19, 2023
AuthorTian Ping Zuo Xi Hong Shi
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TagsCard Games,Evolution,Futuristic Setting,Male Protagonist,Mythical Beasts,Mythology,Transmigration