Supreme Emperor of One Piece


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888 Chapters · 10 Readers
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Author:Pang Da Shi

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My name is Bai Shui, the youngest general in the history of the navy. There was no general who could fly before, yes! That's because you didn't meet me! Lightspeed kick? No no no, this is my light particle kick, do you want to try it! Marco saw me with a headache, and Sengoku couldn't do anything about me. Luffy is my brother, Sabo is my brother, Ace, um, my brother! Bigumam: I was beaten by white water! Kaido: I was beaten by white water too! Blackbeard: Stop talking, I was his younger brother! Red-haired: Give me a face, okay, I'm still the Four Emperors!


TitleSupreme Emperor of One Piece
Raw Title海贼王之至尊帝皇
Addition DateAugust 25, 2023
AuthorPang Da Shi
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TagsMale Protagonist,Transmigration,One Piece