Fog Formula-Warning Book of Fog City Search Chief's Strange Talk


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154 Chapters · 1 Readers
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Author:Mi Wu Gong Shi

Novel Summary

The story takes place in 2035 in the Pacific island city-Xuejianze. After the "Eternal Night" incident four years ago, the communication with the outside world was completely cut off. Mysterious incidents occur frequently... The social order collapsed and rebuilt, and a new city governing body called Navi was established. Jian Shenxiu, as the leader of the organization specially established by Navi to deal with mysterious events, leads the search bureau to investigate and solve various strange events in the city. They unraveled the veil of the major forces of Xuejian Ze step by step, wandering, confronting and balancing among them. In the investigation of each case, Jian Shenxiu gradually got a glimpse of the law behind these mysterious events, and the "truth of all events" gradually surfaced...


TitleFog Formula-Warning Book of Fog City Search Chief's Strange Talk
Raw Title迷雾公式-雾都搜查长的怪谈警示录
Addition DateAugust 31, 2023
AuthorMi Wu Gong Shi
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TagsMale Protagonist