I, the only superpower on earth


235 Chapters
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235 Chapters · 29 Readers
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Author:Tai Zi Qia Te Li Bo Qia

Novel Summary

Shikok discovers that he has superpowers. Not very powerful, but every day, he will be 1% stronger than himself the day before. So, after ten days, his strength increased by 0.1 times; after one hundred days, he became stronger by 2.7 times; after one thousand days, his physical fitness was equivalent to 20959 original selves; after three thousand days... ... If he became the only person with superpowers in the world, with an indestructible body, the power to set off a tsunami, and exceed the speed of sound, then what would human beings pursue? status? Power? wealth? Beauty? However, for Xigu—his greatest wish is to make this boring world more and more interesting, interesting, and interesting.


TitleI, the only superpower on earth
Raw Title我,地球唯一超能力者
Addition DateSeptember 1, 2023
AuthorTai Zi Qia Te Li Bo Qia
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TagsMale Protagonist,Weak to Strong