Xueba's Black Technology Simulator


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222 Chapters · 15 Readers
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Author:Lu Shen Yao Jue Qi

Novel Summary

Obtain the black technology simulator of the rise of great powers, and move towards a technological power! Since Lu Xiao got the simulator, he can rely on himself for everything. If the chip cannot be made, then conquer the quantum chip and overtake the car; if there is no operating system, build one yourself; If the energy is not enough, use carbon dioxide to make oil, solid-state batteries, and nuclear fusion technology; Food crisis. Some people can't afford meat? Artificial photosynthesis, mass production of starch, beef and pork prices, pork and cabbage prices; The desertification of the land is serious, so develop a plant that can survive on Mars, and improve all harsh environments; The efficiency of knowledge inheritance is too low. Crack the secrets of the brain and instill knowledge into the brain, instill consciousness into the machine, and the machine will soar; It all started with being the No. 1 student in the college entrance examination that year.


TitleXueba's Black Technology Simulator
Raw Title学霸的黑科技模拟器
Addition DateSeptember 3, 2023
AuthorLu Shen Yao Jue Qi
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TagsClever Protagonist,Futuristic Setting,Industrialization,Male Protagonist,Scientists,System