Natural Disaster: After stocking up hundreds of millions of supplies, I won.


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289 Chapters · 29 Readers
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Author:You Yu You Hua

Novel Summary

(Apocalypse + natural disaster + extreme cold + space + rebirth + stocking up + pets) Natural disasters are falling suddenly, heavy rains are pouring, extreme cold is coming suddenly, and the Ice Age is coming. In the last life, Nan Ci and her four cats moved to the gymnasium with the rescue team. Four cats were skinned, cramped and eaten, and Nan Ci himself was frozen to death in the heavy snow. Reborn one month before the end of the world, Nan Ci opened the jade bracelet space. After hoarding supplies, selling villas, buying high-rise buildings, and building safe houses, Nan Ci decided to fight to the end with her four cats. Canned cat food, cat litter, grains, oils, fruits, meat and eggs are all packed into the space! While others were shivering in the extreme cold, Nan Ci was as warm as spring in the safe house. Meeting the cat-killing man in the gym again, Nan Ci held a knife and closed the door to let the cats go: Revenge, cats!


TitleNatural Disaster: After stocking up hundreds of millions of supplies, I won.
Raw Title天灾:囤满亿万物资后我躺赢了
Addition DateSeptember 10, 2023
AuthorYou Yu You Hua
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TagsApocalypse,Male Protagonist,Outer Space,Pets,Reincarnation,Time Travel