Analog company starts with technology


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323 Chapters · 9 Readers
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Author:Qing Hong Zao Bai

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Reborn and returned to the past, starting from the technology industry on the road to changing the world. Advanced artificial intelligence with countless fans. Virtual gaming helmet. An epoch-making genetic drug. … Many years later, a reporter asked: "Mr. Niu, how does your company maintain its original intention and create products that satisfy the public?" Facing the camera, Niu Geng looked helpless. “Our original intention is to make money.” "Xingyuan Technology may deteriorate, but it will never go bankrupt..." You see, Mr. Niu is such a humble person who doesn’t like to express himself!


TitleAnalog company starts with technology
Raw Title模拟公司从科技开始
Addition DateSeptember 13, 2023
AuthorQing Hong Zao Bai
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TagsBusiness Management,Poor to Rich,Post-apocalyptic,Reincarnation,Scientists,System,Time Travel